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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dam 999 Movie

DAM 999 an International Movie by the Mariners, directed by Sohan Roy, has started shooting at Alleppey. An emotional thriller, the film is based on the ancient concept of `navarasas’ or the nine human expressions, represented by an assortment of actors from India and Hollywood. Movie also portrays the concepts of Ayurveda as well as lost love in the backdrop of a sound story of a dilapidated colonial dam.

Director's Note

Dam 999 is an emotional thriller. It is inspired by many real life incidents. Through this film I want to convey the psychological stress every individual experiences by restricting one’s feelings and desires. One cannot go on for long without expressing one’s feelings. Like a pressure mounted DAM, concealed emotions will explode at some point of time. Words are not enough to convey the aftermaths of this outburst. The audience will relate to the symbolic representation of a DAM across everyone’s mind. In a very simple way, Dam 999 is a story of nine characters and their emotions. The lives of all the nine characters revolve around the central edifice, the pressure mounted DAM.

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