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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joshua Fredric, a happy-go-lucky man from Los Angeles

Dam 999
Joshua Fredric Smith from Los Angeles embodies Hasya (Mirth) rasa in DAM 999 by playing an Anglo-Indian character Capt. Fredric Brown who inherits a legendary political legacy but became a mariner by choice.

DAM 999 is an emotional thriller movie that highlights Navarasa in a different way of approach by portraying 9 emotions through 9 characters. Joshua enlivens mirth through his character, having a poetic love affair that crosses barriers of religion and ethnicity when he marries to Raziya, his Pakisthani lover.

“My Character is a caring fun filled fellow with sarcasm at his side. He enjoys the lighter sides of life and his friends. But one thing I like about him the most is that he is Transparent. I’m sure the audience will really see he is much more than just a Mariner and a Captain”, Joshua says about his character in the movie.

Being to India for the first time, he was in a feel of being at the other end of world.

“It was amazing experience to be a part of another culture. I've made friends for life over in India and that is a wonderful feeling, Vinay, one of my co-stars is someone I can consider a close friend. Truly I was blessed with a talented group of award winners to work on DAM 999” he says.

It was a peculiar stage for him to learn a different kind of acting experience with the talented cast and crew from different corners of world.

The movie is directed by a Hollywood certified NRI Director Sohan Roy and is produced by BizTV Network. It is expected to be released worldwide by the end of December 2010.

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