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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Most Awaiting Moment

Now its time to take a deep breathe for the whole team of DAM 999 movie. They are waiting for nature to shower her blessings as rain, so that the cameras can roll down.

DAM 999, the Hollywood movie directed by Sohan Roy, CEO of Aries Group of Companies completed its shooting at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. Film City witnessed the climax scenes of the movie. The expensive set build by veteran art Director Padmasree Thota Tharani had even captured the attention of Ramoji, the founder of this gigantic film complex. Director Sohan Roy with the cast and crew is now back in Kerala waiting for the monsoons to capture a couple of sequences left in the script.

DAM 999, a movie portraying 9 moods, 9 characters and a dam of emotions will be screened in the film festivals this October and will be released world wide by December 2010. The Director has shared his thought about his next movie based on terrorism.

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  2. I've linked you to my blog. You too do the same
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