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Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup’s Octopus Paul in Hollywood Movie DAM 999?

Dam 999
Prognosticators have always made everyone curious and the latest was Paul Octopus – a two year old Octopus who predicted Fifa World Cup 2010 winners. He predicted the winners in each game and when Andres Iniesta won the one and only goal for Spain, his final prediction also came true, exciting every one. He has predicted the victory of Spain on the last day by picking a mussel from a glass box decorated with Spanish National flag. Paul Octopus is currently live in Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium of Germany. Sohan Roy the director of DAM 999 Movie was inspired by Paul Octopus and its predictions before, and that has leaded him to introduce a new character Octopian Boy in his movie. With some myths and horoscope predictions in the movie this Octopian Boy also plays a lead role.
As every foot ball lovers turned to Paul Octopus during Fifa World Cup 2010, children worldwide will be gazing at this Octopian Boy by the release of DAM 999. In DAM 999, the Octopian Boy carried by child character Sam is a toy having future prediction powers. Sam is very bonded to this toy and he carries the toy everywhere he goes. He thinks this toy can save him from all the mishap. The Octopus who lives on the shoulders of Octopian Boy is very cute and funny enough to share some interesting sequences in DAM 999 which ends up with the story of a DAM Disaster.
Wait till December – the month marked for the worldwide release of DAM 999.

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